Thursday, 3 November 2016

acid rain 

The cause of the acid rain is by chemical reaction that begins when the sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are released to the air very much then it go very high in atmosphere and mix together or reaction to water and oxygen they get more acidic pollutants. The part of effect has ecological effect but especially to the lakes or a streams and wetland because of a many rain flow and go to only the river if some rain is too much acid may be some of animal that live in the sea will death. The acid rain can make the water become acidic and cause to absorb the good aluminum that make way to the lakes. Finally the way that we can cure this acid rain is about to tell another people about the effect and use the only green energy like wind mill or solar power we can safe the smoke of the factory that have many nitrogen and some of sulfur or use the less energy of your life

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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

second consumer
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The bird will eat the bug. 

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The bug eat the leaves of the big tree

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The tree is the first of food chain it is the food of consumer

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


I think my group is a mutualism because we help each other and everybody do they works
and get the benefits from the activity of the other
In symbiosis we learn that it have have 3 different type it is parasitism, mutualism, and commensalism. The parasitism is the living thing that one symbiosis have a benefits and other one lost benefits like the parasite worm that go inside the body humen and eat the food inside but mutualism is the living thing that can receive benefits from each other like the bee and the flowers bee can drink honeydew from the flower and will get the pollen from the flower and scatter around the area so the flower can grow up . Finally the commensalism is the one of living thing get a benefits but other one didn't lost or get anything from that activity.
I think my project will finish today because I finish the work already but it only to be print in A3 paper and make it to be beautiful.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

My favorite activities in additional science tropic is fish and shrimp lab because we can test  how the small animal live in the bottle and training like a real scientists by doing hypothesis, observation, etc...
My least favorite activities  in additional science tropic is biomes because it hard to remember the long word and hard to spell.  

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

tiger vs bear fight to death

The 2 tiger is hide and see the bear in the forest. when the it time they hit the bear to fall down and use the sharp teeth to kill target.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

my observation
fish and shrimp lab experiment

1.  What do you think kills the fish/shrimp--oxygen or temperature of water,  why?

I think the fish don,t have enough oxygen because the water is gray and the plant or seaweed is very black and the fish didn't eat it.

2.  Did you find anything interesting in the lab?

The fish is died already but the shrimp is still alive. I think it about the position of the fish and shrimp bottle so shrimp can be alive.

3.  what other things could kill the fish?

The other thing that could kill fish is the temperate is higher in the bottle and fish can not live in it.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

fish lab Question

I think the fish is died because the first time that go inside the bottle they move slow and i think they have no oxcigen enough

They use the same bottle but the sun make seaweed oxcigen and fish is eat seaweed so it can alive

I will change the water everyday and put the bottle closer to the sunlight.


1. my experiment 
            1.1 we put the water in the bottle and put seaweed in side 
            1.2 next we put the fish and the shrimp in different bottle
            1.3 we observation the live of fish and shrimp in bottle

2. The jars changed color because some jar have many carbon dioxide so when we put bromothymol will turn         yellow. 

3.The animal will eat plant and then will poo it will be the fertilizer to the plant

4.The fish and shrimp will died because of no oxcigen from the plant 

5.sunlight causes the plants to give off oxygen and no food and oxcigen of animal


my fish observation by firsty