Wednesday, 24 August 2016


I think my group is a mutualism because we help each other and everybody do they works
and get the benefits from the activity of the other
In symbiosis we learn that it have have 3 different type it is parasitism, mutualism, and commensalism. The parasitism is the living thing that one symbiosis have a benefits and other one lost benefits like the parasite worm that go inside the body humen and eat the food inside but mutualism is the living thing that can receive benefits from each other like the bee and the flowers bee can drink honeydew from the flower and will get the pollen from the flower and scatter around the area so the flower can grow up . Finally the commensalism is the one of living thing get a benefits but other one didn't lost or get anything from that activity.
I think my project will finish today because I finish the work already but it only to be print in A3 paper and make it to be beautiful.

Image result for parasite worm cartoonImage result for Titan Triggerfish and smaller fish

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