Thursday, 3 November 2016

acid rain 

The cause of the acid rain is by chemical reaction that begins when the sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are released to the air very much then it go very high in atmosphere and mix together or reaction to water and oxygen they get more acidic pollutants. The part of effect has ecological effect but especially to the lakes or a streams and wetland because of a many rain flow and go to only the river if some rain is too much acid may be some of animal that live in the sea will death. The acid rain can make the water become acidic and cause to absorb the good aluminum that make way to the lakes. Finally the way that we can cure this acid rain is about to tell another people about the effect and use the only green energy like wind mill or solar power we can safe the smoke of the factory that have many nitrogen and some of sulfur or use the less energy of your life

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